Natural health Northants

It can be difficult to know where to start on your own…

What changes are right for you, your body and your lifestyle?

When you come to Kinesiology Northants, you’ll find great therapy packages and a friendly, yet sensitive, professional approach. Your treatment will be individually tailored to discover and redress your imbalances.

Health is far more than the absence of illness. Health is a sense of well being & vitality that allows you to enjoy all aspects of your daily life.

How to enjoy a better quality of life

By creating more of a balance; true health, happiness and harmony can be achieved so you can enjoy an improved quality of life!

Maybe you feel ‘out of sorts’ or something just seems ‘out of sync’ in your body

Kinesiology is your first ‘port of call’ because it’s a perfect medium for discovering imbalances and pin-pointing the source of problems. Kinesiology is a muscle testing technique that enables direct communication with your body’s energy circuit. Naturopathic nutrition and a combination of other natural health therapies will then find the solution. Read on for more information…

Do you want to feel happier, to ‘feel like yourself’ again?

Problems are rarely just physical. For example, often stress and anxiety preceeds physical symptoms like

stomach bloating and headaches. It is also true that prolonged or intense physical symptoms can you get you down. For example, itchy skin or your weight might be affecting your confidence. Releasing emotional issues is therefore very important to your overall health & wellbeing because happiness is the cornerstone of health and vice versa. If you relate to this, you are not alone…

Pauline is an experienced, dedicated, caring and professional practitioner. She took the time to really listen to me and understand what is going on in my life. – From Lesley

Don’t worry, help is at hand

Support for ‘the whole of you’

A holistic approach is always taken and many natural therapies are available to address any imbalances. ‘The whole of you’ is cared for so you can achieve a feeling of complete wellbeing.

We all need an individual approach to regain health & happiness

We are all unique individuals – biochemically, emotionally, as well as physically. Kinesiology is used to key into your individuality and identify the specific natural solutions that suit you and your body at this time. A ‘tool-kit’ of solutions is at hand – a whole array of techniques, therapies and remedies that will support your body & mind back into balance.

Kinesiology Northants’ health & happiness ‘Tool-Kit’ includes…
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