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The Body MOT with Cobjac QMA

A Body MOT with QMA (Quantum Magnetic Analyser) is a quick and unobtrusive way to check your overall body health.

What is a QMA test?

The Cobjac QMA machine is a Quantum Magnetic Analyser that’s linked to a very advanced computer programme. As it scans, it picks up frequencies in your main body systems and compares them against the “normal ranges” which are stored in its database.

The QMA programme gives you a comprehensive report about how your body systems are coping. Although the tests are not intended to be diagnostic, they may indicate sub-health trends and imbalances which can lead to future health problems.

How can the Body MOT help me?

Providing information which can help motivate you to improve your diet & lifestyle

A QMA test can help you to see how well your body is keeping up with your current lifestyle. Often new clients know they’re not doing enough exercise or they’re eating or drinking too much. They suspect it may show in their results – and it often does.
Because the information is there in black and white, they can easily see what changes they can make to improve their well-being.

The QMA test really worked as a Wake-Up-Call for me. It showed up an imbalance which gave me the push I needed to reduce my drinking and wheat/carb intake. I have taken recommendations on board and my readings improved in just 2 weeks!! I’m so pleased!

What can I expect from the Body MOT with QMA test?

Since I introduced the Cobjac QMA machine to Kinesiology Northants in 2011, it’s been an extremely useful and positive addition for me as a therapist and a great benefit for new and existing clients.

On initial assessment…

The QMA gives a comprehensive overview and a baseline of how your energy flows within key body systems (heart & circulation, digestion, bone density etc.) As it covers 22 sections in total, it provides me, as a Therapist, with loads more information. It really helps me to tailor your programme to your specific needs.

I’ve consistently found in reviews that QMA scores steadily improve

Improving results give clients confidence as well as the motivation to continue. It shows how lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, supplements and sometimes changes to thinking) create positive differences to their inner “hidden” health.

How is the QMA test used at Kinesiology Northants?

You can have a Body MOT with Cobjac QMA as a “stand alone” assessment (including a review) or as part of a Kinesiology Northants assessment and treatment package.

Body MOT prices

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