Detox Foot Spa Northants

BioEnergiser™ d-tox system – Detox Foot Spa

Detoxification is usually an important part of any naturopathic programme as modern living exposes us to a whole host of environmental toxins as well as toxins through food, drink, medication, anaesthetics etc. Our bodies do have many clever detoxifcation mechanisms …but we push them to the limits these days with our lifestyles…and the overload causes a sluggishness.

The detox foot spa may be useful if you:-

  • Are prone to broken / unsettled sleep
  • Have skin problems (blemishes, psorasis, dull skin etc.)
  • Would like to feel more energetic
  • Have headaches / migraines
  • Have joint / muscle pain
  • Do you consume alchol, sugar, processed food?
  • Are you prone to stress or worry?

How does it work?

Its a fun and relaxing 40min treatment. Your feet are submeged in salted water. The energising cartilge combined with the salted water creates postively and negatively charged ions which encourages some toxins to be drawn out of the body – through the feet. Promoting balance and equilibrium.

In visual terms the water starts clear and gradually becomes cloudy and brown. It’s fun and facinating and often clients report improved sleep ,brighter mood reduced joint muscle pain and changes in there skin.

This can be a stand alone treatment or often a course of footspas is reccomended as part of your treatment package.

If you live in the Northamptonshire area
& think your health could benefit from a Detox Foot Spa boost
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