Food intolerance testing Northants

Food Sensitivity Testing (with digestive assessment)

When it may be useful for you…

  • If you have IBS and are not sure if certain foods are making it worse
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue / tiredness especially if it is immediately after food or between meals
  • Bowel irregularities
  • Bloating or any stomach pain or discomfort, including flatulence
  • Mood problems including low mood
  • Difficulty with weight control, fluid retention etc.

Kinesiology is great tool for food sensitivity testing

Helping to identify what does and doesn’t suit your system at this moment in time.

Often you know/feel ‘that something isn’t suiting your system’ because of discomfort and symptoms you are experiencing but often individuals struggle to identify exactly what the culprit might be food wise and why it might be happening. This treatment is great for taking the guess work out – so you can focus on priority changes to your diet… to see if they make a positive difference to how you feel.

Screening is done using Homoeopathic test vials

The muscle testing helps to pick up what foods ‘disrupt’ your bodies energy at this moment in time. However, in my experience while foods do often make certain symptoms worse – the foods are not always the root cause of problems – so staying off them may rest the body – but not balance the body fully in the long term. There may well be an underlying reason why the body is not coping well with particular food – therefore I include always digestive screening with Food sensitivity testing, Using kinesiology to assess energetic balance within main aspects of the digestive system – e.g. breaking down, absorbing nutrients & excretion of waste, immune function (essential to good digestion)

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