Kinesiology Northants

Discovery through Kinesiology …

Kinesiology is a natural way of testing your muscle response for health imbalances

Kinesiology is the main therapy used in the assessment and the treatment process at
Kinesiology Northants. It is an energy medicine which uses gentle muscle testing to pick up imbalances within the energy pathways (the meridians).

How can Kinesiology help me?

Kinesiology is great for health ‘Investigation’ within the assessment process

Kinesiology allows your body to direct us to where the imbalances are and also helps to identify the possible solutions to bring the body back into balance.

These solutions may include …
  • Nutritional & herbal supplements
  • Balance techniques –
    similar to Acupressure or Reiki
  • Food & diet changes
  • Emotional support – inc. flower formulas, crystals, chakra creams & affirmations

Identify the toxins that effect you most – Food or environmental sensitivites

Our nutritional, physical and emotional status all inform our health, along with our ability to deal with the environmental and food toxins that are a significant part of modern living. Some foods or chemicals might be irritating your system or your skin. But, the imbalance could be with your immune system or liver for example, which could be decreasing your body’s ability to cope properly. If you relate to this, find out more about Food Intolerance Testing » Kinesiology is holistic so ‘The whole of you’ is cared for, not just the part that is showing symptoms.

Kinesiology takes the ‘Trial & Error’ out of finding the right solution for you

Self-help books and the Internet can be very useful for explaining and exploring our health. But, the volume of information can also leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and not knowing quite where to start. It can raise questions about which foods or supplements are a priority for you right at this moment in time? Kinesiology is a great guide.

Kinesiology can help when you’ve had limited success with other methods & avenues

Many clients who come to Kinesiology Northants seek out Kinesiology when they have tried many treatments and therapies but have had limited success. Often, they have had medical investigations to rule out sinister conditions or serious illness. While this feels like a relief for them, they often feel frustrated and jaded …trying to discover why they feel as they do and what is going to help them feel better – ‘More like their old self again’

Common reasons for people seeking Kinesiology

As a natural health practitioner, I can not claim to cure clinical conditions. The information below is intended purely as a guide to help you see why people often come to Kinesiology Northants.

  • IBS / stomach problems
  • Possible food / environmental sensitivities
  • Stress & mood imbalances
  • Joint / Muscle pain

You don’t need to be desperately ill to benefit from Kinesiology

Maybe something just feels ‘out of sync’ with your health or body? But you’re not quite sure what? Taking the health tree analogy, Kinesiology helps identify which ‘roots’ of your health require support and nourishment, in order to ensure healthy leaves flourish (body systems and organs).

Perfect for prevention!

Kinesiology can also be great as a preventive strategy. Everyday life stresses affect our energy flow so everyone can benefit from a 14 muscle balance. It’s a great way of ensuring good energy flow within our body and meridians. Afterwards clients usually feel calm, energised and positive!

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