Nutritional Know-How Northants

Do you need to expand your nutritional know-how?

About the ‘Bridging the nutritional gap’ workshop …

Kinesiology Northants is privileged to be a part of an exciting new scheme to roll this workshop out nationally. Pauline is licensed by The Nutritional Healing Foundation to deliver this fabulous and informative 2 hour nutritional workshop.

Learn the truth about health & nutrition

The workshop aims to demystify nutrition and health to give you the understanding, clarity and motivation to nourish your body fully and effectively.

I found the workshop very useful and it raised some interesting queries on my diet that I hadn’t thought of before. I am interested in doing something about this…– From R.D.

Are you often confused about health guidelines & recommendations?

Separate the hype from the true nutritional facts

Understand how to nourish your body so your body can work for you! The workshop provides you with the facts that can help you get and stay motivated in your health journey.

Mixed messages? The truth can be surprising!

You may think you’re doing the right things and living a balanced live but it is useful to make sure. With confusing food marketing and health messages, people are still often amazed when they hear the facts about nutrition. The workshop helps you to make more informed choices when you are in tempting situations.

To supplement? – or – Not to supplement?

That question will be answered … and much more!

Prevention is better than cure

and it is absolutely possible!

We don’t want you to wait until you are ill before you seriously consider your health – be proactive – educate yourself NOW … prevention is always better than cure.
– The Nutritional Healing Foundation

‘Hidden Hunger’ is the modern form of malnutrition …

Hidden Hunger affects more than two billion people. Even when a person consumes adequate calories and protein, if they lack one single micronutrient, or a combination of vitamins & minerals, their immune system is compromised and infections take hold.– World Food Programme 2007

Receive your personalised programme of diet & supplementation recommendations

Learn why you might be deficient in vitamins and minerals – even if you eat really well! A personalised programme is included in the workshop with simple steps you can follow, to help you avoid chronic illness and achieve and maintain optimal health and vitality!

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If you would like to learn more about your body’s natural nutritional needs, please call Pauline today on 01604 404112 for a FREE informal chat.