Theta Healing Northants

Confidence, self acceptance & growth

Do any of these questions resonate with you?

  • Do you get angry or frustrated easily?
  • Are you a constant worrier?
  • Are you never quite satisfied with some or all aspects of your life?
  • Are you scared to really believe that you can have better health in case of becoming disappointed?
  • Do you feel stuck in unhelpful habits which affect your relationships, eating and/or moods?

An emotional & spiritual healing therapy

Identify & clear your limiting beliefs

This is a fascinating and fabulous therapy for helping to identify and clear self limiting beliefs. We all have some self limiting beliefs, often held within our subconcious which influence us to different degrees.

Difficult life events including health problems & loss can applify self limiting beliefs

Habitual thought patterns and behaviour can hold us back from experiencing complete happiness, health, success and love …including self love. Self limiting beliefs can affect our eating or drinking habits, mood and self esteem.

The Theta Healing really helped clarify the exact beliefs to be cleared. I felt so much lighter afterwards!– From Mrs F.

How does it work?

Issues around rejection, resentments & regret are idenfied

Theta healing and kinesiology combine perfectly because kinesiology can be used to muscle test to find the relevant statements to work on. These often tend to be around issues of self esteem, self worth, rejection, resentments and/or regrets.

Unhelpful ways are released in a “Theta” state meditation

The Theta healing treatment is a meditation. It is very relaxing, gentle yet powerful – tuning in to the ‘Theta brain waves’ (the dream state – similar to hypnotism) which allows us to safely let go of old unhelpful ways.

Giving us ‘head space’ to think in fresh new positive ways!

Above all Theta helps provide clarity of thinking which is great for problem solving and helps to provide a positive proactive out look for your health. Theta healing is particularly useful when dealing with issues around moods (low moods, mood swings etc.) eating issues (including cravings, binging, comfort eating, anxiety around food) and constant worry / anxiety.

Theta provides excellent support for a wide variety of emotional issues

I introduced Theta healing to my practice in 2008 adding on advanced Theta healing in 2010. By incorporating it I feel I am able to offer my clients much more support in identifying and understanding their emotional issues. By working on the unhelpful patterns I can help people to achieve and sustain happiness and health.

If you live in the Northamptonshire area & think Theta Healing would suit you,
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