Naturopathic Nutrition

I have a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition which is supported by extensive study and training in Classical Kinesiology and supplemented by appropriate post-graduate courses. I work as a kinesiologist with a special interest in nutrition.

  1. At Kinesiology Northants we consider your diet from several angles – Is there something you are eating that is disurpting your digestion or another body system? (Joints and muscles, headaches?)
  2. Because you eat several times every day if you are frequently eating something that disagrees with you, your body will be constantly depleted and will have to work much harder to compensate. Food sensitivity testing can be very useful to help establish this.
  3. I use the kinesiology testing to help determine what nutrition may suit. It can really help narrow the choice down and find the right nutrition to suit your body at this time. In my experience our individual needs can be very specific and are influenced by biochemical individuality.
  4. Some conditions ‘exhaust’ the body and can compromise your digestion and absorption with a knock-on detrimental effect on your general health. But you can improve things by taking high-quality supplements. Because well-formulated supplements are absorbed and assimilated much more easily, they work faster and more effectively.
  5. Naturopathic nutrition recognises that there is much more to true health than the absence of illness. It helps us to understand the health giving and ‘health hindering’ properites of different foods. Dietary adjustments and nutritional supplements can be extremely powerful and useful in bringing the body back in to balance.
  6. Modern foods and lifestyles stress our bodies in many different ways. They can give us alot of what we don’t need (toxins – which are difficult to deal with and process) and are depleted of what we do need (vitamins, trace minerals and phytonutrients) due to modern process, depleted soil etc. Often returning to simpler, natural foods rests our bodies and nurtures us.
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