Kinesiology Northants client comments, personal views & opinions

How clients’ feel about using Kinesiology Northants

Pauline is an experienced, dedicated, caring and professional practitioner. She took the time to really listen to me and understand what is going on in my life. Pauline then used a variety of techniques on a physical, emotional and spiritual level to help me move on from my current health issues. Since seeing Pauline, my energy levels have improved so much and I feel much more at peace with the world. Thank you so much for your help and your kindness. – Lesley

I ran up the stairs today! I haven’t been able to do that in……I don’t know how long. In fact some days I’ve practically crawled up the stairs. Having put up with chronic fatigue, aches and pains for so long and being told by my GP that I shall have to put up with it, I decided to take action and made my appointment with Pauline. After 7 weeks and 3 appointments so far, I feel like a new person. Pauline has really made a difference to my health and I’m recommending her to everyone. – Raine

I found the [Bridging the Nutritional Gap] workshop very useful and it raised some interesting queries on my diet that I hadn’t thought of before. I am interested in doing something about this.– From R.D.

The Body MOT with QMA test really worked as a Wake-Up-Call for me. It showed up an imbalance which gave me the push I needed to reduce my drinking and wheat/carb intake. I have taken recommendations on board and my readings improved in just 2 weeks!! I’m so pleased!– From Mrs O.

In November 2011 my QMA test scores showed 1 severe and 17 moderate imbalances – these tallied with previous medical results. My scores have steadily improved with regular kinesiology, dietary changes and increased exercise. My June 2012 scores were 3 moderate imbalances. I am only on 2 supplements now and feel really well!– From P.K.

I booked a Theta healing session specifically to explore why I wasn’t losing weight. Although I had identified some of my self limiting beliefs through coaching. The Theta Healing really helped clarify the exact beliefs to be cleared. I felt so much lighter afterwards & have lost 2lb! …onwards & downwards!– From Mrs F.

Thanks for the [Theta healing] session on Saturday. I have felt really well since I saw you just knowing I have started to take care of myself more. I have not had any urges for bread and have limited my carb intake. I even had only 1 glass of wine on Saturday evening and felt satisfied. – From L.W.

I have ongoing anxiety and stress and found the Crystal Healing very relaxing. Afterwards I had a very good night sleep!– From Ms P.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note, none of the above comments are intended as substantiation that Kinesiology can help with clinical conditions. They are personal views and opinions of clients and not those of Kinesiology Northants. Hard copies of these can be made available upon request.