Natural Health Questions

General Natural Health Questions

What should I wear to my sessions?

I advise you to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Trousers are preferable to skirts but you will not need to remove any clothing for your treatments.


How many sessions will I need?

Because everyone is unique and individual, it follows that there journey of recovery and re-balancing is very individual too. It depends on many factors, one being the length of time you have had the health problem and what “Roots” need support and nourishment. (Please see the Health Tree diagram for more information about root support.) However, usually we will know within 2-4 sessions what we are dealing with and how long you can expect to need to come for.


How long will it be before I feel better?

Feeling better is a very subjective topic and one that is unique to each person that I see. How will you know when you feel better? What will you feel that you don’t feel now? These are all questions that I’ll ask in our consultations together. Using this information I am able to help you create your health goals. As a natural health practitioner I can not claim to cure symptoms but clients nearly always feel more positive and in-balance after the initial 2 sessions or package. I aim to give a clear indication as to how many sessions it will take to achieve your health goals after this initial stage.


What will I need to do?

For optimum results, it is vital that we work in partnership. It is my job to investigate, prioritise and create a manageable, realistic programme. However, you have to take responsibility for following the recommendations. This can include dietary adjustments, taking supplements and other remedies consistently, sometimes doing balancing techniques and lifestyle changes (e.g. increasing exercise).

In order to feel differently, we need to do things differently. Achieving health goals and making changes does take time and commitment, therefore it is important that you feel ready and willing to take responsibility.
– Pauline Dalley


Can you work with me if I am seeing a doctor about the same problem?

Yes, I can. My original professional background was within conventional medicine. I respect and value the contribution of all my medical and complementary colleagues. None of us have all the answers, but our own bodies do! Clinical tests can be vital for identifying and ruling out specific conditions that will influence my approach. As a Kinesiologist, I do not diagnose in the medical sense. Instead, I identify and help correct energy imbalances which may be causing or exacerbating your health problems. My role is to support the client and respect their decision. Often, when people are on medication or having surgery, nutrients and balancing techniques can be excellent at supporting their body, thus minimising the risk of negative side-effects. Equally, I will be honest if I feel there will be any limitation or conflict by combining the two. Please do speak with me about your specific situation.


Discovery through Kinesiology Questions

If I’m sceptical about Kinesiology, will it still work?

Yes, scepticism is natural and understandable when experiencing energy medicine for the first time. Resistance, however, can block accurate results. So, if you are determined to prove it doesn’t work, you are probably not ready for this approach.


Can I take other remedies instead of, or, in addition to the recommended programme?

One of the key benefits of Kinesiology is that it’s a totally personalised approach that is used on your body to identify the specific remedies that suit and support you best. If you plan to try alternatives, please always talk to me about it first. It will be prudent to your overall health and may stop you wasting your time and money.


Does any one react badly to Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is non-invasive and safe but the remedies and balancing techniques may trigger a fast detoxification or energy shift. Current problems might worsen initially or you might experience headaches, tiredness, flu-like symptoms or diarrhoea. This is usually very brief, approximately 2-3 days. Clients are always encouraged to get in touch if they have any concerns about the symptoms they are experiencing.


Food Sensitiviy Testing Questions

Is a food sensitivity the same as a food allergy?

No, a food sensitivity is different to a food allergy. With a food allergy, the body exhibits a detectable immune response to an allergen. Reactions usually include an outward sign, for example inflammation, swelling or skin rashes. Food sensitivities can be more subtle or hidden and don’t usually get picked up on clinical tests. However, they are equally unpleasant and just as disruptive to your health and well-being. Symptoms may include stomach-bloating, skin rashes, mood swings, headaches and tiredness.


Theta Healing Questions

What are self limiting beliefs?

My understanding is that self limiting beliefs are usually old, subconscious thoughts and opinions that can hold us back from fulfilling our potential and experiencing true health and happiness. When they first form (very often within our childhood or early relationships) they seem to serve to protect us from emotional hurt. However, they can often get “stuck” or become outdated as we mature. We often benefit from identifying and clearing them so we have the clarity to react to situations in life in a much more positive and productive way.

…it is so important for us to clean up our thoughts and not carry around the resentments from our childhood which manifest in anger, which attracts disease.
– Shannon O’flaherty
(Pauline’s Theta Healing Tutor)


How do I identify my self limiting beliefs?

When we meet for your theta healing session, we will identify what you want to achieve and how you want to feel. People often come when they are fed up with how they feel and when patterns (e.g. bad relationships or low mood) seem to repeat again and again in their life. Self limiting beliefs can be confirmed by discussing and muscle testing statements that seem appropriate.


What are Theta brainwaves?

There are five different frequencies of brainwaves – Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. The Theta brainwave accesses a very deep state of relaxation and is thought of as the subconscious. It is the brainwave that holds memories and sensations. It also governs your attitudes, your beliefs and your behaviours.

Everything that you say and do is regulated by the frequency of the brainwave. One frequency dominates any given situation.
– Vianna Stibal, ThetaHealing™


Is Theta Healing another form of hypnosis?

No. Theta Healing and Hypnosis do both access the same Theta brainwave frequency – the dream state. But, the difference is that in Theta Healing, it is me (the therapist) that goes into the theta/meditative state and not you. People often prefer this because it removes the fear of being out of control during the process. You will always be fully aware of yourself and the situation in a Theta Healing session.

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