About Pauline Dalley Natural Health Therapist

pauline-dalleyPauline Dalley’s
natural health journey so far…

My inspiration & motivations

I feel that it’s really important for you understand a bit about my ‘story’ and what motivates me personally and professionally. This can help you decide if I feel like the right practitioner for you.

I’m a natural health therapist,
with an NHS background

I have been working in holistic healthcare since 2004. Prior to that, I spent 13 years working as an Occupational Therapist within the private sector and the NHS – within Brain Injury, Paediatrics and Community Physical Disability.

Both roles involve supporting people in achieving their health goals

This has given me great interest and experience in problem solving and in supporting others in achieving their personal goals and values.

Improving my own health through natural methods changed my focus

Like many alternative health therapists, my interest in the healing power of food and nature has evolved through sucessfully improving my own health in this way. I had a history of digestive problems, food sensitivities and a significant lung illness. Thankfully, over 10 years ago now. I do have a diagnosis of Inflamatory Bowel Disease (IBD) – which I keep under control with holistic natural medicine.

I trained in Natural Medicine and the rest followed naturally!

My career journey within natural medicine began in 2001, when I started a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition. I quickly combined this with Kinesiology as it enabled me to work in a more holistic way. It also offers really personalised, interesting natural treatments and solutions.

My Qualifications include:
  • Diploma in Classical Kinesiology (Dip ClassK KRFP)
  • Diploma in Nutrition (D.N.) – The Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College
  • Certificate in Counselling Studies with Merit – The University of Leicester
  • Theta Healing – Theta Healing DNA Basic & Advanced Theta Healing

Nourishing the ‘Whole’ of me

I am very passionate about health but I am a realist …not a perfectionist! I really do believe that it’s all about balance – finding and maintaining a balance in all aspects of life. My own balance is about a healthy “hands on” home life, regular sport, spiritual development and fun with family & friends. I do love espresso coffee and red wine… these treats enhance my life but don’t control it like they once might have done!!

We all have a ‘health story’ to tell

How has your health story shaped your life?

We all have our own ‘life story’ and within this our ‘health story’ shapes our lives so significantly… It’s true to say that for most of us, some chapters flow easier than others! It is through the challenges that people search and find Kinesiology Northants.

Do you feel confused & unheard?

I feel so privilaged that my role is to help individuals to understand and affect positive changes to their own health story. Often this is at a point in time when they feel very confused or unheard with regards to their own or a loved-one’s health.

My main aim is to help you make the following chapters bright, hopeful & healthy!

I simply believe that good health is the cornerstone of happiness… and vice versa.

If you live in the Northamptonshire area & feel that Pauline can help you,
please call today on 01604 404112 for a FREE informal chat.